About Me

Looking back at my life which for so long was filled with struggle, trauma, workaholism and pain, I've come to see that has all been perfectly orchestrated to bring me to where I am now, living more in the present moment more than ever and with so much gratitude and joy. After breaking my neck and several other body parts in a nearly fatal accident 13 years ago, losing my life savings,dissolving my marriage and walking away from a high stress career in silicon valley and so many things I was deeply attached to, I dove deep into every healing modality and spiritual practice I could find to help heal the emotional and the physical pain I was in. Of all the practices I participated in, I found dream work, life coaching, work with sacred plant medicine and meditation to be most effective. I've been deeply involved in these practices for many years now and have experienced a significant transformation in my life which is free of pain and dedicated to serving others through coaching, writing and teaching. I studied and practiced Tibetan Buddhist Dzogchen dream yoga under the guidance of my primary teacher Malcolm Smith for 7 years before receiving his blessing in 2020 to offer the teaching and coaching to others. I've also had the good fortune to make friends and study with Native American, Toltec, Indigenous and Tibetan Buddhist wisdom keepers over the years. In 2020 I completed an 18-month long life coach training program with the IPEC life coaching school which provided me with powerful tools and an empowering methodology to help my clients connect with their own inner guidance so that they can see and remove what stands in the way of living the life of their dreams. Extensive work with plant medicines and shamanism also informs my work and life significantly. Sessions with me weave my experience and training in dream-work, life coaching, meditation and shamanism in a synergistic and efficient way which helps my clients cultivate an intimate connection with their higher self and remove what may be standing in the way of living the life of their dreams. I offer dream work, life coaching and integration sessions online and in person at my home in Costa Rica. The first introductory call is free. I can be reached via email at lucas@eyesopendream.com

Podcast Interview with Lucas Miller describing dream work etc. below: