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About Me 
Jeff Miller (AKA "Lucas")

After breaking my neck and several other body parts in a nearly fatal accident 15 years ago, losing my life savings, dissolving my marriage, my company and so many things I was deeply attached to, I dove deep into every healing modality and spiritual practice I could find to help heal the emotional and the physical pain I was in. Since then I've traveled all over the world and participated in hundreds of sacred ceremonies including extensive work with plant medicines, sweat lodge, extended fasting, silence and various healing modalities. I studied and practiced dream informed coaching under the guidance of my primary teacher Malcolm Smith for 7 years and received his encouragement in 2019 to offer the teaching and coaching to others. In 2020 I received my professional coach certification with the IPEC life coaching school after completing an 18-month long training program which provided me with an empowering methodology for coaching. Of all the practices I've participated in, dream informed coaching, life coaching and meditation have been most effective and empowering. I've been deeply involved in these practices for many years and have experienced a significant transformation in my life which is now free of pain and dedicated to serving others through coaching. Sessions with me synergistically weave my experience and training in coaching, dream-work, shamanism and meditation. I offer sessions online via zoom and in person from my home in Phoenix AZ. If you are interested in learning more, please email me to set up a complimentary call to see if we are a fit to work together. I can be reached via email at

Podcast Interview Videos with Lucas describing dream work below