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Dreamwork and Dream Informed Coaching



Dreamwork is a profound and sacred practice which has been revered throughout the world by many cultures dating back thousands of years. As society has become more "civilized," most of humanity has lost touch with this world and relies on their "awake" thinking mind alone, negating the other 95% available to and influencing them in the subconscious and liminal realms. Through dreamwork, we can cultivate an intimate relationship with this other part of our mind and begin to learn from the best teacher in the world for us, our higher self. This higher self knows us better than anyone on Earth and will lovingly guide us every night, wherever we are, for free, if we simply ask and practice with sincerity and consistency.


Initially, the higher self shows us the thoughts, feelings and habits we hold in our subconscious which stand in the way of living a completely joyful, loving and abundant life. Often these are beliefs and energies we picked up in childhood which continue to perpetuate similar experiences in our lives until they are seen, integrated and transformed. This higher consciousness speaks in the language of metaphor, using images, stories and feelings experienced in the dream state in order to bring our attention to these aspects. The dream informed coach works with the client to help them deepen their relationship with their subconscious, to understand the metaphorical meaning and language of their dreams and support them in defining and taking action steps based upon the guidance provided in the dreams.

Over time, a greater sense of trust, intuition and empowerment evolves, and the practitioner begins to live more often in a state of harmony, joy and stillness. This makes way for the dream-work to evolve into lucid dreams and experiences including astral travel, remote viewing and teachings from ascended masters, plant teachers, animals and deities. With continued practice of recording and interpreting dreams, the practitioner begins to "wake up" and see that their waking life is very much like a lucid dream. The dreamer views the beings, things, and circumstances experienced in the waking life with new significance, wonder and gratitude, trusting that what shows up in the phenomenal world is a reflection of one's inner world and often pointing us toward something which is for our highest good, spiritual work and development.  

Dreamwork helps us develop a world view that we are all living the life of our dreams or perhaps the dream of something larger than ourselves whether we are conscious of it or not. When we awaken to that fact, we can navigate and create within our waking life with ease, following the calling of our soul and divine will and begin lucid living on Earth, intentionally creating a dream like life and a new world we never knew was possible before we started to follow our dreams.

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