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Integration is a far-reaching term which describes many things. One definition is “An act or behavior that is in harmony with one’s environment”. One’s environment includes the internal and external place one finds themselves in. I like to view integration as a process in which one finds their-Self. Self is capitalized because it refers to one’s higher self or truth and all of one's selves in the greater whole.

Settling back into one's "normal" environment after sacred ceremonies and significant life changing events can be very challenging. Having an experienced and trusted guide who has been there before to support you is very helpful and often essential. 

Having participated in hundreds of sacred ceremonies over the years, been on the verge of death four times and worked through significantly traumatizing experiences of my own and with my clients, I've come to know the world beyond the “normal” state of being very well. I've developed an effective way to assist others in grounding and re-connecting with aspects of themselves which may have become fragmented or lost within particularly impactful or difficult life experiences. In my work co-facilitating ceremonies and as a coach over the years I've been with many people processing deep and cathartic experiences, seeing what was previously buried deep in their subconscious mind and letting go of everything they had come to believe and depend upon as their reality. It is truly an honor to provide assistance to people going through some of life’s most challenging experiences.


This work most importantly requires a deep state of presence, care and a capacity for listening and allowing what needs to come forth to be seen, heard and experienced in a loving and grounded way. It is not focused on teaching or needing to fix anyone. Everyone has the capacity to connect with their own higher truth. This truth is revealed and strengthened through the integration process by listening, asking questions and helping people connect with their breath, bodies and inner guidance.

Sometimes I offer helpful exercises including shadow work and soul retrieval or share a bit about what I've experienced in my own process and in work with others so that the client feels safe and less alone in their experience. The clients choose action steps to help them take care of themselves and honor what has come up in the integration sessions. The coach provides ongoing support and a sense of accountability if desired to help the client in realizing their stated objectives and living in a state of peace.

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