Life Coaching

Life coaching is often described as a process by which a coach helps their clients get from where they are to where they want to be. Having coached many people over the years and witnessed countless life transformations as a result, I’ve developed and refined an efficient process to help people recognize and move through what stands in the way of living the life of their dreams. And… there is something awesome that unfolds in the process. The clients find themselves exactly where they are meant to be, living with presence, gratitude, peace and joy in the moment regardless of external phenomenon, where they are in achieving their plans, what has happened in the past and what may happen in the future.

The life coaching work I’ve been trained in through the IPEC life coaching school and other programs utilizes efficient technologies which lead the client through a process of self-inquiry and connection with their own truth. This is mostly done by the coach listening deeply and asking questions. There is a bit of teaching such as an exploration of limiting beliefs, assumptions, unconscious patterns, conditioning etc. and 7 primary levels of consciousness or glasses which people consciously or unconsciously see the world through:

1.   Apathy / Victimization

2.   Anger / Fight or flight

3.   Forgiveness /Cooperation and accountability

4.   Compassion / Love

5.   Peace / Self-expression

6.   Passion

7.   Absolute Passion

The life coaching work helps the client see where their thoughts and feelings are most of the time and why, and where they go when they feel triggered. As a result of the work, the client becomes increasingly self-aware of their energetic states and how that manifests in their experiences in the world around them. A feeling of self-empowerment evolves as they learn that they can choose where their energy is in every moment and live a life which is more harmonious, loving, peaceful, abundant and passionate regardless of external circumstances and what happened in the past. Over time through life coaching, dream-work and integration work, clients focus on and identify with their level of consciousness and awareness more and more and their lives transform remarkably.

Another aspect of the life coaching work is helping clients create a life plan, routine, and vocation which aligns with their truth and inner calling. Many people have great ideas and hopes which are never realized completely due to a lack of a plan and follow through on required steps to achieve that plan. Often hopes and dreams are forsaken due to simply giving up, unconscious patterns and living in lower states of energy. Clearly defined action steps, shifts in consciousness and commitments of time dedicated to them are necessary for forward momentum in life. The coach helps the client in creating, modifying, and monitoring a life plan over time which includes tangible action steps and practices to facilitate positive and sustained shifts in thoughts, feelings and consciousness.